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Bryan Skinner, KK5XM

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The mission of the Panola County Amateur Radio Club is to support and promote Amateur Radio by public service, offering training to unlicensed interested parties and licensed amateurs, mutual support of other amateurs, engaging events that promote amateur radio to the general public and other amateur radio operators, and  continuing fellowship by regularly scheduled organized meetings and events.


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Welcome to Panola County Amateur Radio Club WA5PC!

Here you will find information on how to become a Ham Operator, how to use radio, and how to get involved with the Carthage area Hams.  We have a monthly meeting and weekly nets.  Check back often as the information on this site will change.

What’s Happening:

We meet again Tuesday, July 9, 2019, at the Carthage Civic Center at 7pm. Hope to see you there!

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The PCARC Net meets on each Tuesday, except the 2nd Tuesday (meeting night), on the 147.180 (+123.0) repeater at 8pm. All stations are welcome to check in.


We are well into 2018.  Work has begun on getting our Winlink station up and running.  A computer was ordered, as well as the cables to connect to the TNC.   We’ve also purchased some guy wire for a new antenna to be installed on the roof of the EOC.  This will be for the secondary repeater we purchased a few months ago which will be housed in the EOC.  A few miscellaneous items were purchased for other projects, including a new power supply for the 147.18 repeater.  The one on there is running 30 years and has been repaired 2 or 3 times.  We thought it best to go ahead and put a new one on it, just in case. 


We also have some training coming up.  Skywarn will be in mid to late March.  We will also have a table top drill, TBA.  You are encouraged to attain your FEMA SID# and start taking IC courses.  The following courses are required to be officially credentialed:  IS100b, IS200b, IS700a, and IS800b.  These courses are free and you can work them at your own pace.  It is recommended that you have Skywarn training at least every 2 years or as information changes. 




Don’t forget the upcoming Special Events:


             ROT International Boundary Marker — April

             Field Day — June


These can be operated as a club effort or an as individuals.  So no excuses!  Stay tuned for more information.







WA5PC 147.180 (+, t123.0)

KK5XM 145.150 (-, 107.2)