Welcome to Panola County Amateur Radio Club WA5PC!

Here you will find information on how to become a Ham Operator, how to use radio, and how to get involved with the Carthage area Hams.  We have a monthly meeting and weekly nets.  Check back often as the information on this site will change.

What’s Happening:

We meet again Tuesday, July 11, 2017, at the Carthage Civic Center at 7pm. Hope to see you there!




Ken Skinner, N5OW

ars.n5ow AT hughes.net


Vice President

Bryan Skinner, KK5XM

kk5xm AT arrl.net



Kyle Lacy, KF5GOJ

lacykj AT aol.com



Sharla Thompson, KC5BVH



The mission of the Panola County Amateur Radio Club is to support and promote Amateur Radio by public service, offering training to unlicensed interested parties and licensed amateurs, mutual support of other amateurs, engaging events that promote amateur radio to the general public and other amateur radio operators, and  continuing fellowship by regularly scheduled organized meetings and events.

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The PCARC Net meets on each Tuesday, except the 2nd Tuesday (meeting night), on the 147.180 (+123.0) repeater at 8pm. All stations are welcome to check in.

Club Workday was held Sunday, April 9.  A big ‘Thank You’ to all who came out to help put up a new HF dipole antenna and a new VHF antenna.  Thanks to those who cooked.  Had a great time of fellowship and fun.  The ‘new’ HF radio was installed and put on the air.  3 contacts were made from New Orleans to Georgia.  Sounded great! 




The Republic of Texas International Boundary Marker Special Event was held on Saturday April 22, 2017.  We got started late, around 1530 UTC, after dealing with possible storms and some rain.  We finally got cover set up and made the first contact on 20m at 1549 UTC.  We tried 40m, but had not luck, as the band conditions were not being friendly at all.  We fought long and hard, and finally shut down about 1930 UTC.  Thanks to those who cooked.  The food was great! 




If you looked for us and missed us, we apologize.  Conditions just weren't there.  For those who did make a contact, be sure to send us an S.A.S.E.  We will send you a numbered certificate to commemorate the event.  We’ll give ‘er a try again next year.  Hope to meet you on the air.  73 — WA5PC




Piney Woods RAC Regional Drill will be held on Friday, April 28.  A region wide ‘event’ will begin and then a secondary Panola County ‘event’ will occur.  These events will test the emergency preparedness of all agencies within the county.  Monitor the repeater and be prepared.


Field Day 2017 will be June 24-25.  Plans are underway to participate.  Stay tuned for more information.



WA5PC 147.180 (+, t123.0)

KK5XM 145.150 (-, 107.2)